Small games!

Here's a list of jam and other small games that we've made


Struggling Dreams - collaborative jam game made by Dan Williams (ActiveUP Games), Jeff Campbell (Frozen Over Studios), Joe Marchuk (Earplay), and Aslanta Chen (student) for the Goethe Institut Gr8 Art Games 2017 jam. It's about helping refugees escape a war zone, by giving them to will to live by reminding them of normal life. Winner of the Boston contest!


Dynamic Dino Island - jam made for Ludum Dare 35. Help Dinos live in a balanced ecosystem by applying the elements of nature.


Band Maker Party Dungeon - Jam game made with others for the Purple Monkey Game Jam in 2015. Mix and match performers to make a band!


Tileflipper - Interactive toy that lets you envision society and causality

2019-08-04 22_47_06-Skeleton Assembler - PuzzleScript Game.png

Skeleton Assembler - Puzzlescript game where you build a giant skeleton

2019-08-14 00_39_11-Surround Yourself With Dogs - PuzzleScript Game.png

Surround Yourself with Dogs

Puzzlescript game where you surround yourself with dogs.


Mini Nomerads

Puzzlescript version of Nomerads. It’s engineering at a tiny level!

Pixel Master - PuzzleScript Game.png

Pixel Master

Puzzlescript game where you have to use power pieces to power a display grid, to match the sprite design on the left.


Mini Nomerads 2: Constructaballs

Sequel to the hit engineering puzzle game Mini Nomerads, this time you construct the object BEFORE you put it in the target!